Call the Tune: Lindbergh board seeks input on proposals to boost spirit

By Mike Anthony

By Mike Anthony

It’s no secret the Lindbergh School District is going through some difficult financial times as a result of the current recession.

But thanks to the bold leadership of Superintendent Jim Simpson and the Board of Education, we believe the district will weather the financial storm it faces over the next few years.

We believe it’s more important than ever for the district’s leadership to find ways to foster and build school and community spirit in ways that won’t impact the district’s finances.

Dr. Simpson floated two proposals to do just that at last week’s Board of Education meeting.

The first proposal, if approved, would result in having one mascot for the district. Lindbergh Flyers are well-known at Lindbergh High and Sperreng Middle, and this proposal would make the Flyer the mascot for all the district’s schools.

“… It doesn’t take any kind of identity away from anybody, but it does certainly ease the confusion of students because if you think about it, you could be several mascots before you become a Flyer …,” Dr. Simpson said. “As the student becomes accustomed to being a Flyer, to recognizing and getting deeper ownership in the district, as their parents start identifying that from kindergarten up, we’re Flyers, it’s going to pay an increase in school spirit year after year …”

Noting he wanted the board and the community to consider the proposal, he added, “… This would be something that would really unify our district if we had one mascot and I think it would be something that would be a very positive thing …”

The second proposal would eliminate the “R-VIII” from the school district’s official name and the district would be known simply as “Lindbergh Schools.”

“So our official name would be Lindbergh Schools if we were to go this route,” Dr. Simpson said. “And the reason that we would go Lindbergh Schools rather than Lindbergh School District is because, to me, Lindbergh Schools encompasses all of us … It’s something that I think really fits the Lindbergh family tradition. We’re a family district and so we are a family of schools … People call us Lindbergh Schools now just naturally …”

While we believe both proposals are great ideas, Board of Education members want to hear from residents before they make a final decision at their Tuesday, Sept. 8, meeting. To share your thoughts with board members, visit