Call makes endorsements for Mehlville, Green Park contests in the June 2 elections

Call Editorial


Mehlville school board

Five candidates are running for three seats on the Mehlville Board of Education: Incumbents Peggy Hassler and Jean Pretto and newcomers Stacey Kenner, Richard Vagen and Jeff Wolman.

What a testament to the district and its engagement that so many parents want to serve, even without a hot-button issue.

Hassler was elected after organizing Prop R, which received historic support in no small part due to her. In one term, Hassler has proven with her get-it-done style and strong leadership that she deserves to be there. The Call endorses Hassler.

In two terms, Pretto has been an entertaining and colorful board presence who has always advocated for students above all else. The Call endorses Pretto.

All three challengers would serve well. However, as the district emphasizes science, technology and mathematics, Wolman’s engineering background and dedication stand out. He has campaigned diligently and clearly wants the job the most. The Call endorses Wolman.

Green Park alderman

It’s a rare three-way race between Ward 2 incumbent James Jones, former Alderman Ronald Slattery and Donald Lattray. Lattray declined to fill out our questionnaire, which calls into question his commitment. Slattery would serve well but isn’t as familiar with the current city issues. The Call endorses Jones, who has been an advocate for his neighborhood.