The Call encourages readers to submit letters to newspaper’s editor

We encourage readers to write us.
Letters of 200 words or less are preferred.
Because of space considerations, however, the shorter your letter to the editor, the better the chances are that it will be published.
Each letter must be signed and include the author’s telephone number and address for verification purposes.
The newspaper will not publish nor disclose the author’s telephone number and address.
We also require that readers mark their letters “written exclusively for the Call.”
Please remember we will not publish more than one letter from the same author during any 30-day period.
Letters to the editor can be emailed directly to the newspaper at
In addition, letters can be submitted online by visiting the newspaper’s website at
If you haven’t seen your letter published, perhaps you did not include your name, address or telephone number for verification purposes.
If you have questions about the status of a letter to the editor you have submitted, please call Executive Editor Mike Anthony at (314) 843-0102.