Caffeine consumption can be beneficial, but also has its drawbacks


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I am doing a research project about the effects of the consumption of caffeine of the students of Lindbergh High School.

Consuming the right amount of caffeine can be very beneficial to the overall physical and mental health of the students of Lindbergh High School. Students that consume caffeine in moderation have been able to focus better and retain information better than the students that don’t consume caffeine.

While caffeine is a good thing, it can also be a very dangerous thing if consumed in excessive amounts. When consumed in excessive amounts, students could develop problems with their kidneys, dehydration and even irritation.

Overall, caffeine can be a very beneficial stimulant to the average student at Lindbergh High School, but if students decide to consume caffeine I encourage them to research the pros and cons.

If students have existing heart problems or serious health issues, I encourage them to consult a doctor before consumption due to it affecting the heart rate, liver, brain, nervous system and kidneys mainly. As long as the students of Lindbergh High School research, consume in moderation and make sure it is OK for their bodies, I highly suggest consuming caffeine due to all of its natural benefits that you will receive.

Nicole Fritsch

Editor’s note: Nicole is a junior at Lindbergh High School and wrote this letter as part of a class project. This year, Lindbergh High School installed a coffee kiosk which is, unsurprisingly, very popular with students.