Broughton’s clown car has Oakville writer thinking of ‘Clown City’


To the editor:

Yet another letter from Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton, published April 12 in the Call.

Interesting that he suggests that a classic clown car be used in the proposed military parade to honor our veterans.

Perhaps Mr. Broughton would lend his for the occasion. After all, he is a resident of the area formerly known as “Clown City.”

When I read the letter, I at first thought he was referring to the Democrats.

They have certainly been providing a lot of entertainment since the last election, what with not recognizing they fielded the worst candidate possible and lost. Sometimes the entertainment is worth the price of admission.

Green Park certainly helps provide a constant reminder why most of these postage-stamp-sized incorporated areas need to be disincorporated.

Jon Marx