Broughton responds to the idea that culture spurs school shootings


To the editor:

Nancy Matlock’s June 21 letter to “Christian-phobics” is stupefying.

Have parents, educators, legislators, courts, liberal churches, pro-choice citizens and bullies really fashioned a “culture that ignores God,” a culture responsible for the recent rash of school shootings?

And Matlock’s “fields of killing”?  It’s a point of view that exonerates President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The presidency of Donald J. Trump is the product of decades of Republican political hijinks that have adversely affected American politics and, consequently, our society in general.

 It began with Ronald Reagan, an accomplished actor who mastered the art of dividing the American electorate.

Reagan told Americans that their tax dollars were being squandered on “welfare queens” who drove Cadillacs and lived a life of luxury in urban ghettos.  That was a racially-charged falsehood intended to divide Americans. And it worked.

From day one of his campaign for president, Donald Trump spewed hateful rhetoric designed to divide the nation, and he does that to this day.

His public disdain for blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, the disabled, the media, politicians, judges and many other groups is documented fact.  Conversely, Trump openly embraces neo-Nazis, white nationalists, fascism, kleptocracy, Vladimir Putin and other dictators.

 Trump is the product of divisive politics.  He is a quintessential bully who lacks Christian ethics. And he commands an immoral presidency.

Trump embraced a cauldron of hate and division for personal gain and loosed a Satanic genie in the process.  The result thereof is a nation in disarray and Matlock’s “fields of killing.”

Michael K. Broughton
Green Park

Editor’s note: Michael K. Broughton serves as a Green Park Ward 1 alderman.