Broadcasters bring St. Louis sports to life

Broadcasters bring St. Louis sports to life

To the editor:

Some months ago I was listening to one of the call-in sports shows when a man from Cincinnati said he didn’t like Mike Shannon as a broadcaster.

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I thought to myself, Mike Shannon brings the game alive. You feel like he’s your buddy eating peanuts in the bleachers.

Cities are noted for their class, charm and charisma. Our art gallery, zoo, airport, science center, sports arenas and teams and all the way down to our announcers. Mike Shannon, Joe Buck, – probably the best in the business – Jack Buck before his passing, Dan McGlonghen, Al Hrabosky and Joel – sorry I can’t remember your last name – brings the baseball Cardinals to life. Several of these announcers do national broadcasts.

St. Louis has seen the likes of Harry Carey, Bob Starr, Dan Kelley – undoubtedly the best ever hockey announcer – Jack Snow, Dan Dierdorf, Ken Wilson, Joe Miculetti, Bruce Afflect and the list goes on and on. Even college sports we have some of the best. St. Louis U Basketball features Bob Ramsey and Earl Austin Jr.

Mike Kelly does the Mizzou football and basketball along with John Sunvold, the man who does the Chicago White Sox games also was a St. Louis announcer, John Rooney.

Steve Savard does a nice job with the Rams as did the previous announcer Gary Bender.

Marty Breneman and Joe Nuxhall do the Cincinnati Reds games and are both probably nice guys, but wouldn’t make the A team in St. Louis The only baseball or football announcer who comes close is Harry Calas from NFL Films who does the Phillies play by play.

To Mike Shannon and all the St. Louis broadcasters, a tip of the home team cap to all of you, because you make it fun.

Ron Wagganer