‘Brighter Smiles’ dental care program to aid uninsured youth

Oakville Dental Care is sponsoring a “Brighter Smiles” dental care program for local uninsured youth.

Ten children younger than age 16 years who also lack dental insurance will receive free and complete dental care on Feb. 22 from Oakville Dental Care, according to a news release. Parents, guardians, teachers and other family and friends can nominate a deserving child by requesting a submission form from the Oakville Dental Care office. Nominators are asked to submit the official entry form along with a short narrative on why the child deserves to receive the free services.

All nominations and essays are due at the Oakville Dental Care office, 6076 Telegraph Road, St. Louis, MO. 63129, by Jan. 31, 2014 or by email to Katie Franklin at katie@oakdc.com.

“Giving back in our community certainly makes you feel good, but we believe it is something much more than that. It’s our responsibility,” Dr. Jeffrey Sindelar of Oakville Dental Care stated in the release. “While there are many ways for us to serve the community, we believe that providing a brighter smile is a gift that can last a lifetime for these youth.”