Bowen endorses Rammaha for Missouri House 94th District


To the editor:

Ron Rammaha is a businessman, unlike his opponent who is a political insider who has received thousands of dollars from special interest groups. Ron will put Missouri families first – not the special-interest groups who have bought and paid for his political opponent.

Ron will protect our tax dollars from the special-interest groups by controlling spending and implementing zero-based budgeting that forces the insiders to prove they need to spend the money.

Ron will end the power of special interests by fighting for tough new laws that put the voice of Missourians first again.

As Lemay Republican committeewoman representing the majority of the active voters in District 94, I am proud to endorse a man like Ron, who always puts other people’s interests first. He is a man with great integrity and honesty, and has always been trustworthy with the voters and will continue to do so. His morals, values and ethical and noble reputation speaks higher than most.

It’s time to change Jefferson City like we’re changing Washington, D.C.. Vote to clean up the Jefferson City Swamp on Tuesday, Aug. 7, by voting for Ron Rammaha, No. 1 on the ballot.

Linda Bowen
Lemay Republican Township Committeewoman

Editor’s note: Ms. Bowen serves as Mr. Rammaha’s deputy treasurer.