Board should leave Mehlville School District’s name alone, reader says

I am responding to the recent letter submitted by Beth Liming.

I think Mehlville School District should leave its name alone. Ms. Liming emphasized that she lives in a new subdivision near St. Anthony’s Medical Center. What do new houses in new subdivisions and new houses being built in the area have to do with anything?

My husband and I are considering building a new home. We will be proud of the Mehlville School District’s name even in our new house in the new subdivision off Telegraph Road.

Didn’t Ms. Liming know what the name of the school district was when she moved in to her home? Maybe she should have bought a house in Ladue or Chesterfield if she is worried about the looks on people’s faces when she tells them what school district she lives in.

I say that the school district has a lot more things to worry about than changing its name. I am proud of Mehlville’s reputation, the dedicated teachers and staff who give their time and energy to our kids, the future of tomorrow.

Mehlville’s name was good enough for all these years and it’s good enough even in the 21st century. Go Mehlville Panthers.

Tammy Florence