Board member proposes new reality show: ‘Mehlville’s Got Class’

To the editor:

I’ve got an idea for a new reality show. It’s called “Mehlville’s Got Class.”

The pilot occurred at our last school board meeting, where the potentially contentious issue of high school schedules was discussed.

Rather than degrading into a conflict-ridden episode on par with a political debate, the community, administration and board respectfully listened to a presentation on three different schedules and then community comments. The climactic ending was seven students and one recent graduate who effectively presented their views, with poise and professionalism, in support of block scheduling.

Don’t think it can happen in this age of reality TV and social network arguments? Luckily, we have it on video. It’s one more example of why I’m proud to live in the Mehlville School District.

Kevin Schartner


Editor’s note: Kevin Schartner is a member of the Mehlville Board of Education.