Board incumbents will keep Lindbergh strong

To the editor:

Lindbergh Schools is No. 1 in education in our state.

One reason is the stewardship of board members Kathleen Kienstra, Donald Bee and Vicki Lorenz Englund. These incumbents are also fiscal hawks, as evidenced by the recent announcement that the board saved taxpayers over $3.5 million through a bond refunding. What more can you expect from these candidates? They balance the interests of the students and the taxpayers and do so with great success.

Then we have Cori Akins and Al Faulstich. I recently attended a Crestwood PTO meeting where the candidates could speak.

Mr. Faulstich did not appear, which speaks volumes. Ms. Akins did speak. When asked if she supported Prop G she stated she “would do what the taxpayers told her to do,” and then said she “had not made up her mind.”

We need strong leaders, not ones who refuse to state their real agenda, that being to vote against Prop G.

I am by no means a supporter of tax-rate increases. If Prop G sought a new synthetic-turf football field or a 10-percent hike in salaries, I would vote “no.” But Prop G is about one thing, the education of our students. For this reason I will vote for Prop G and support Kienstra, Bee and Englund.

For the open seat vacated by Vic Lenz, I support Gary Ujka.

He is an experienced educator and a proud Lindbergh supporter. He also supports Prop G.