Blues should not be cheered; writer also responds to readers on IQs


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to Gloria Lloyd’s opinion column June 13, the Blues are a “feel good” story for the players, fans, venue workers and other stakeholder groups that benefited from this season.

That’s where you should have stopped.

But then to state that they represent all of us is carrying it too far.

Because you exclusively focus on the positives.

Some of us view it this way: During a fight, a hockey game broke out.

Crowds cheer violent hits, and excitement increases when fights occur and blood is drawn.

Do the Blues represent all of us still?

So before you state the Blues represent all of us, make it clear you also see us represented by the darker side of hockey.

Sports analogies work, except when they don’t.

Now, for Part 2 of my letter, I won’t “get over it,” and this is not about an Eagles song.

So now it’s 2 against 1: I’m not faring too well in this letter writing campaign.

In both letters in response to my March 7 letter calling for IQ tests for voters, letter writers say I’m supposed to get over it.

However, I won’t get over it, because there are peoples’ livelihoods and lives at stake.

Oh I forgot, these people don’t look like me.

And what about Trump’s list of achievements — might as well proclaim him for sainthood. Was a rally the source of information?

By the way, I did not see a list of his non-achievements — must have been due to the maximum number of words in a letter to the editor.

Remember that “U.S.” stands for us.

OK, so if it’s not stupidity if you continue to support our current president, then how do you respond to people who knowingly support divisiveness, distortions of the truth and the cavalier — I’m being kind — treatment of people so badly in need of our empathy and support?

Bruce Korbesmeyer