Bill to bring more amateur sporting events to state signed into law

JEFFERSON CITY — Legislation filed by Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale, to bring more amateur sporting events to Missouri was signed into law Friday.

Senate Bill 10 creates a tax incentive to attract more amateur sporting events to Missouri, which would support local businesses across the state. Having received governor’s signature, the bill will now go into effect on Aug. 28, according to a news release.

“I’m pleased the governor recognized the importance of this legislation and signed it into law,” Schmitt stated in the release. “This measure will provide opportunities for communities across the state to host amateur sports events, and will not only help support local businesses in those areas, but also raise a significant amount of revenue for our state.

“It will encourage broad economic activity while still having a positive return on investment for taxpayers.”

Under the bill, $5 from every ticket sold to a qualifying event would go toward an incentive to offset the costs local organizations incur while attracting amateur sporting events, such as the NCAA basketball tournament and Olympic trials, to their area.

The bill would prohibit the incentive from exceeding $3 million in a fiscal year. Because the measure is based on tickets sold, every community in Missouri could utilize the incentive to bring more amateur sporting events to their area.

For more information about Schmitt’s sponsored legislation, visit his Missouri Senate website at