Bierbaum Elementary fourth-graders lead the charge to prevent bullying

A group of fourth-graders at Bierbaum Elementary led the charge to prevent bullying at their school by hosting a “Black Out Bullying Day” Friday, April 20.

From determining the dress code to creating a video for their classmates and teachers to watch, the fourth-grade students planned the activities for the entire day.

“I am so proud of Team Bierbaum, especially the fourth-graders who came forward with this idea!” Bierbaum Principal Kristy Roberts stated in a district news release. “They really took responsibility and leadership to help us stop bullying at Bierbaum.”

Dressed in black to match the day’s theme, Bierbaum students participated in a variety of anti-bullying activities throughout the day, including signing a pledge to “stand up to bullying” and creating a wall mural in the school’s cafeteria.

Bierbaum teachers led bully-prevention activities in their classrooms, and every class watched the student-made video introducing Buffalo Boxes, which will be placed in classrooms to give students another option for reporting incidences of bullying.

The fourth-grade team of students who organized “Black Out Bullying Day” already has begun planning a weeklong anti-bullying program for this fall.