Biden rally at Mehlville High ‘history in the making,’ reader says

As far as the concerns of Chris Brown and Linda Mooy, I do not feel that any violations were made concerning the Biden rally.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, it is still an exciting time for any vice presidential candidate to visit our hometown let alone one of our main high schools.

I don’t believe the students were at any more risk of harm with him being there than they are driving to school or playing a rough sport.

My son attends Mehlville Senior High School and he also thought it was “cool” to have Sen. Biden there — “no matter who you support,” he said.

Perhaps the fact that both Brown and Mooy ran unsuccessfully in the Board of Education election and the fact that being the opposite party supporter added to the “fuel.”

A friend of mine who also lives in Mehlville wasn’t sure who was speaking at the rally, so she called up the high school and asked if Palin was speaking. When they told her no and that it was Biden, my friend told the lady: “Forget it, you should have had Palin.”

Another example of negative party favor.

I applaud the school board for its decision and putting Mehlville Senior High School on the “map.” No matter who wins this election, it was history in the making.

Rose Pressley

south county