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‘Better Together’ is from Bolsheviks, Marxists, Communists, Socialists?


To the editor:

On the “Red New Deal” Better Together, perhaps “Marx’s Better Together,” of the workers and the state, would be appropriate terminology.

Nikita Krushchev made a speech in 1959: “We will bury you,” the United States, from within. Abraham Lincoln made a similar speech about a hundred years before that. He cautioned against the self-demise of our country.

Over the past several decades, it is quite evident that we have self-destructed. We have drifted away from our Judeo-Christian teachings and practices. A lot of us have evolved into secular humanism.

This “Better Together” is the pure unadulterated protocols of Marx, Hegel, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin.

A great deal of this originated in a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil United Nations meeting in 1992. This has been referred to as Agenda 21. This is fascist totalitarianism worldwide. Presently we have Agenda 2030, which is the same format. This in part is what your East-West Gateway Council of non-elected officials is all about.

This system has shrewdly morphed into a strategic, diabolic plan to strip people of their basic liberties and freedoms: high income taxes, free college indoctrination, control the waterways, government controlled health care, so-called equitable multifamily housing, curtail electrical appliance usage, air conditioning, infanticide, limited meat consumption, limited motor vehicle usage, government police force, courts, agricultural industry and a lot more. Read for yourselves on the internet about 2030 Socialism.

This is all the book “1984,” plus 35 years. This is real, people. This is all classic Hegelectic and Machiavellian strategy under the guise of a “better world.”

These people promoting this are bright red Bolsheviks, Marxist, Communists, Socialists. The oligarchs are promoting this perverted fiasco, along with the puppet masters and financiers pulling the strings on all of this. Good God-fearing, patriotic Amerians have awoken. Take your large, centralized, Stalinist, Hegelian government back to the burroughs of despotism you all came from.

Mike Povich

Jefferson County, former South County resident

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