Believes taxpayers owed an explanation on principal’s resignation

To the editor:

As a Lindbergh Schools taxpayer, I am concerned and disturbed by some of the recent events that have happened in the district.

First, the resignation of Andy Croley, Lindbergh High School’s principal for two years. From the article in the Call, it sounds like Dr. Croley was forced to resign, even though the article made it sound like his resignation was voluntary. When I read Dr. Croley’s statements about his resignation, I am reading between the lines that he was coerced to resign, and who knows for what reasons?

Dr. Croley said he “has upheld the excellence of the school, which has been the case under his leadership.” While Dr. Croley was principal, Lindbergh ranked No. 1 among traditional Missouri high schools, scoring highest in overall student achievement. Dr. Croley also “initiated a collaborative approach in creating a new school mission and vision, developing a program to help students feel connected in a large high school.” For which of these accomplishments is he resigning? They sound like positive actions.

We don’t know what happened behind the scenes. However, I think the taxpayers deserve an explanation. I think Dr. Croley would have preferred to stay at Lindbergh High.

I was happy to see that Eric Cochran will be the new principal, as he is well-acquainted with the high school and with the district.

This is an advantage for Lindbergh High students. It doesn’t sound like the board authorized the spending of money on a search committee, which is good.

Another concern I have is the replacement of the bleachers in Gym 3. An article in the Call states that the “bleachers are pine; high-grade wood, and not a knot or blemish in them.” These bleachers cannot be duplicated because “you can’t get that kind of quality lumber,” Superintendent Jim Simpson stated in the article.

Dr. Simpson also says that the “district is environmentally conscious and would like to see the wood reused and hates waste.”

With all these good qualities, why are the bleachers being replaced? The district would be environmentally conscious by not replacing the bleachers. How can the district officials justify spending money on new bleachers? The cost of the new bleachers was not stated. Is there a reason for this? Whatever the cost, money should be spent on students’ education and not on new bleachers.

I do appreciate the hard work and time the board members give so generously to Lindbergh Schools. They are to be commended for their hard work, keeping the district within budget with a low tax rate, and helping Lindbergh to have high achieving schools.