Believes Lindbergh needs to tighten its belt like many taxpayers have

To the editor:

I read with great interest the article about Lindbergh School District refunding the 2003 bonds to take advantage of lower interest rates in order to save $500,000.

My question is where are those savings going? Lindbergh just received a tax increase that was passed last year. While my property was assessed lower this year, my taxes paid to the school district increased yet again.

The article indicates the funds would reduce future taxpayer burden. What about the current taxpayers? Today’s taxpayers are all affected by the current recession and could use the help.

How about a refund for the people who have provided the financing for the 2003 bonds? I have a fear that the $500,000 will disappear into the budget of the school district and we, the current taxpayers, will be asked to again increase our burden in the near future.

It’s time for Lindbergh School District to tighten their belt as so many of the taxpayers within the district have had to do.

David Stulce


Editor’s note: Lindbergh Schools Chief Financial Officer Pat Lanane said at the Nov. 8 Board of Education meeting, “… It’s important to note, that’s not a half-million dollars that comes to the district that’s now available for us to spend. Well, it’s a half million we’ll never see. It’s a half million less in taxes paid by taxpayers in the future …”