Behavior of some Crestwood officials begs investigating, reader says

Unlike the author of the letter appearing in your letters to the editor in your Jan. 10 edition who wants the SunCrest Call to leave Crestwood city officials alone and “get off their backs for at least six months,” I applaud the role of the newspapers, the SunCrest Call in particular — and their reporters and editors — as vigilant watchdogs promoting responsible and responsive government.

The last thing Crestwood residents need is for the Call to fail to perform this valuable function in our community. We live in a marvelous and free society that needs all of us to become more aware and more involved, and a free and independent newspaper only enhances those efforts.

As for Mike Anthony serving as “the crusading investigative reporter in search of a Pulitzer Prize,” don’t be so sure that it can’t happen in Crestwood. There is much regarding the behavior of some Crestwood officials that begs investigating.

Stay tuned.

Denise Murnin