Before casting your vote, check contributions made to candidates

To the editor:

In unincorporated St. Louis County, it seems like every time a multimillion-dollar corporation appears before the Planning Commission — and then before the County Council — to construct buildings that don’t quite fit in with existing codes and zoning, county officials bend over backward to alter and even change their own safety and zoning rules.

These are the exact same rules that county officials tell homeowners — whose homes and cars are taxed each year to pay for their salaries — that they cannot alter, for the safety of the homeowner and for all citizens of the county. What is even more alarming is that frequently we hear that land is rezoned without the public being notified of a public zoning hearing.

When the public finds out, they are told by county officials: Sorry, but this is a done deal.

Why is this happening? Perhaps this is because with regard to our elected officials, money talks. The Missouri Ethics Commission website lists campaign contributions received for each elected official for a reason. The reason for that is so that the voter can know who is giving our elected officials money.

A quick look at the contributions received by most elected officials will show you who financed them into office. Sadly, this site also shows that those who do not take money from big business rarely get elected into office.

Before the upcoming election, I would urge every voter to take the time to see who gives money to the people for whom you will vote. Perhaps if more voters would take the time to do this, our elected officials would worry more about serving the people who elect them into office than just the big corporations that give them money.