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Reinagel retains mayoral post in Green Park election

Voters in Green Park favored continuity rather than change in last week’s mayoral election, while Sunset Hills Ward 3 voters chose a new alderman who promises to actually attend meetings in person. In a rare competitive race in Green Park, Mayor Bob Reinagel defeated challenger Tony Pousosa, a former Ward 1 alderman. Reinagel earned 320

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Most Oakville citizens will see new trash haulers this week

Pictured above: A follow-up on an earlier Call story: Oakville resident Annie Miskovic and her son Sam, 3, always waited every week for their former Republic trash hauler, Fred Davenport, who developed a friendship with the boy. Although most of Oakville is switching trash providers, Sam will still be able to see Fred in action because

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OnCall e-newsletter: Call Newspapers Election Guide 2017

Are you heading to the polls Tuesday to VOTE? Once again, wherever you live in south county, the Call is your premier local source for comprehensive election coverage. On Election Night, visit our website www.callnewspapers.com for constantly updated election results for all the local races listed below. The headline race in south county is the

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