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Our Call: Step up and run for office for you and south county

Gloria Lloyd

January 10, 2019

Editorial Interest in elections in various government entities ebbs and flows based on the year and the issue, but this year might be a first: The year when there are zero competitive races in municipal/school board/fire board elections in south county. We can’t ever recall that happening. But b...

Our Call: Auld acquaintance, auld lang syne, here’s to 2019

Gloria Lloyd

January 2, 2019

Editorial  By Gloria Lloyd  Happy New Year! Inspired by south county’s third- and fourth-graders who submitted their New Year’s resolutions to us, we thought we’d come up with our own hopes for 2019. Elizabeth from Sappington Elementary wished, “My New Year’s letter is going to be…. t...

Our Call: Little ones have dreams on Christmas. We do too.

Gloria Lloyd

December 19, 2018

Editorial ’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through South County, Not a Stenger was stirring, not even a Trakas; The budgets were passed by all aldermen with care, In hopes that sales-tax revenues soon would be there. The residents were nestled all snug in our heated recliners at R...

Our Call: Council members need to provide their budget ideas

Gloria Lloyd

December 12, 2018

Editorial By Gloria Lloyd Call readers are familiar with the ongoing saga of the St. Louis County budget, which it appears will be the latest clash in a long string of them between the County Council and County Executive Steve Stenger. The county budget currently has a $10 million operational deficit tha...

Our Call: Ethics reform a welcome addition to Jefferson City

Our Call: Ethics reform a welcome addition to Jefferson City

November 22, 2018

Editorial Missouri voters overwhelmingly voted Nov. 6 for “Clean Missouri,” an amendment to the Missouri Constitution that governs ethics reform and changes the way the state conducts redistricting. Despite our reservations about the unknown world of the redistricting part of Clean Missouri, its...

Calling for an audit on the vote for the state’s auditor

Calling for an audit on the vote for the state’s auditor

November 15, 2018

"Our Call" by Gloria Lloyd As usual, Missouri voters are perplexing us. The Call has editorialized many times in the last two years about the lack of qualifications of the St. Louis County auditor, who has a nearly $100,000 federal tax lien and has served nearly two years without completing a s...

National Newspaper Week merits look back at tariffs

Gloria Lloyd

October 9, 2018

By Gloria Lloyd News Editor Happy National Newspaper Week! As a weekly newspaper celebrating its 30th year in business, we may admittedly be biased toward this annual celebration’s importance. This event focused on what we see as an irreplaceable part of the American landscape takes place Oct. 7...

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