Assertion by Felton, Powers ‘unbelievable at best, disgusting at worst’

To the editor:

Censure, really?

Doesn’t the Mehlville Board of Education’s group of three have more pressing issues for the district than to try and eliminate an individual’s right to speak?

Apparently not, as the group of three — Larry Felton, Ron Fedorchak and Elaine Powers — requested that the board agenda include a discussion regarding the censure of Secretary Rich Franz.

Mr. Franz, as well as any board member, can ask most any question or make any statement to the superintendent as long as it is professional in manner and about school district business.

If Superintendent Eric Knost was on the public airwaves discussing education, then Mr. Franz was nowhere close to the accusations of the group of three.

Mr. Fedorchak must have done his homework to come up with “actions or behavior that run counter to the group’s acceptable standards for individual behavior.”

Mrs. Powers told Franz he did not represent the rest of the board with his comments. How does she know? From what I read in the Call, there are only three board members mentioned regarding this censure nonsense. Now here’s the clincher: Mr. Felton and Mrs. Powers stated they were unsure how they would have voted on censure if it had been put on the agenda.

This is unbelievable at best, disgusting at worst, for two board members to support an agenda item, then waffle if it came to a vote. Do we really need this kind of character of members on our school board?

Doubt it.

You may not like or you may disagree with what Mr. Franz has to say. But he is willing to ask the tough questions and make statements that run counter — there are those words again — to the educational cartel and its minions in the best interest of you, the owner, the taxpayer of the district.