Anthony’s criticism of Lembke ‘well off the mark,’ letter writer says

I generally appreciate Mike Anthony’s Call the Tune editorials.

I find he stands up for the citizenry and skewers politicians of both parties when they are wrong or misguided. However, I found his recent criticism of Jim Lembke to be well off the mark.

On the fundamental question raised by Mr. Anthony of “… Help(ing) south county residents relieve their tax burden …” there has been no better steward of our tax money than state Rep. Jim Lembke, R-Lemay.

Rep. Lembke was a leader in getting the “Homestead” tax relief passed that protects our seniors from ever rising property taxes. He was a leader in the effort to pass into law Social Security tax relief so that our seniors are not taxed by Missouri on their Social Security income.

Rep. Lembke worked to ensure that disabled citizens would be able to seek employment without the loss of state benefits.

Jim Lembke is currently fighting for property tax reassessment reform — an uphill battle against powerful out-state interests that he has not shied away from.

And as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and serving on the Budget Committee, Rep. Lembke has saved the taxpayers over $60 million by cutting mismanagement and waste out of state government. Please notice there has not been a single tax increase by the state of Missouri during Jim Lembke’s tenure.

However, Rep. Lembke’s accomplishments do not stop with tax relief. He was a driving force in the elimination of the wasteful, expensive and terribly inconvenient emissions testing system — as he promised he would during his first campaign. Rep. Lembke is currently among the leaders in efforts to better control illegal immigration in Missouri and is a leading voice for the people and their elected legislature in standing up to activist judges.

I must also say that I do not understand Mike Anthony’s criticism of Rep. Lembke because he is “… sure to be seen.”

Mr. Anthony is generally a committed advocate for openness and accessibility in government, yet in this case criticizes Rep. Lembke for being among the people.

I for one appreciate the fact that Jim Lembke has been at so many local events. Far from “.. running away from the residents he was elected to serve …,” Jim Lembke is running toward them.

I must also point out that Rep. Lembke has always published his personal cell phone number on every piece of campaign literature he has ever sent out, not a campaign office, not an answering machine, the phone he carries on his belt — how’s that for accessibility?

Russell W. Dahmer