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Anthony’s column on Crestwood mayor ‘just plain lazy journalism’

To the editor:

As I read the June 5 column by Mike Anthony, I was flabbergasted that he apparently did not make the slightest effort to learn what Crestwood Mayor Gregg Roby has accomplished in the five weeks since he took office.

It would have been as easy as visiting Mayor Roby’s Facebook page, which provides a summary of each week’s activities.

Had Mr. Anthony done so, he would have learned some exciting things:

• Mayor Roby has reached out to the owners of the BP station at Watson and Sappington roads, which has been vacant for a number of years. As a result, the owners have indicated their intent to reopen the facility this summer.

• Mayor Roby has already had productive conversations with the new owners of Crestwood’s mall, who have agreed to return the Classic Car Show to Crestwood and the mall location. This event attracts thousands of attendees annually.

• At the urging of Mayor Roby, Rep. Jeanne Kirkton coordinated a meeting with the Missouri Department of Transportation to discuss access on Watson Road, which would aid businesses along the stretch through Crestwood. State officials have promised a thorough review of options.

• Open communication with business owners, residents and employees that had been lacking in recent years has already been re-established.

• The mayor has also issued a number of requests for volunteers to fill many open seats on boards and commissions, a process that had been neglected previously.

I can also only imagine there are other things the mayor is actively involved in that he’s not at liberty to discuss. I do, however, know firsthand that Mayor Roby continues to have breakfast at the Barn Restaurant several days a week, where he greets citizens and is happy to hear their thoughts and ideas.

That’s an awful lot to undertake in the first weeks in office.

Failing to having researched is just plain lazy journalism by Mr. Anthony. He would better serve his readers by making some effort on his own rather than rely on his few Crestwood “sources” with an ax to grind.

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