Anthony, others miss the point on redevelopment of mall, Pickel says

To the editor:

With regard to the redevelopment of Crestwood Court, (Executive Editor) Mr. (Mike) Anthony, I believe you and others continue to miss the point.

This was not necessarily just a matter of Centrum versus Crestwood.  Rather, it was about progress and initiating a process that might have ultimately set the course for redevelopment.

Could this demographic area support a development of this type? Was Centrum’s plan feasible? Was the mix of retail and entertainment sustainable? Was the amount of assistance suggested appropriate? Was any assistance appropriate?

Unfortunately these are all questions for which we have no answers because our elected officials punted when presented with the opportunity to hire a professional planner who could have provided such insight.

Initiating a lengthy process by acquiring critical information and professional guidance would not have been “caving” to anyone’s demands. It’s actually called due diligence.

With all due respect, I believe it’s the former elected officials you mentioned and the hundreds of Crestwood residents who staged rallies and attended meetings who acted in the best interest of our city. No ulterior motive as you suggested. Just a demand for some kind of forward progress.

It is during the most challenging times when leadership is most needed. Unfortunately, our current elected officials have failed to answer that call.

Chris Pickel