Anthony continues to overlook ‘shenanigans’ of Green Park officials

To the editor:

Call Newspapers Executive Editor Mike Anthony continues to overlook the shenanigans of Green Park’s officials, so the July 30 Call was consistent with Anthony’s wishful image of the city.

But the question obfuscated by Alderman Tim Thuston’s smokescreen of feigned indignation at the July 20 Board of Aldermen meeting remains unanswered. Which city official(s) provided city documents and other information to non-resident landlord Jean-Pierre Henrotay?

The documents, my email complaints to city officials concerning property maintenance and tenant issues at Henrotay’s rental property, which is adjacent to my home, enabled Henrotay to file a lawsuit — Henrotay v. Broughton — intended to silence my complaints about his rental property. Henrotay claimed that my complaints to city officials were a “nuisance” to him. Evidence established that said documents were not obtained via a Sunshine Law request or by subpoena. So from whom did Henrotay get the many city documents he presented in his lawsuit?

To date, no city official has claimed responsibility for providing documents to Henrotay. If the act was righteous, why not admit to it? More disturbing is the fact that city officials are shamelessly unconcerned that a city official(s) clandestinely provided documents to assist a non-resident landlord with a lawsuit against a resident property owner trying to stop the deterioration of his neighborhood.

Green Park’s resident property owners should be outraged. City officials should be serving the many needs of resident property owners, not helping errant landlords file frivolous lawsuits to silence valid complaints from Green Park citizens.

Will you be next?