Amused by ‘hilarious’ article about ‘alleged persecution’ in previous Call

To the editor:

Finally, a little comic relief amidst all the hand wringing.

The Oct. 23 issue provided much merriment; the convoluted ravings of “Grassroots” Povich and a hilarious article describing the alleged persecution of Dan and Sandy Fowler by Mehlville school board member Michael Heins.

My, my — how prickly you become, Dan, when someone shines the light of accountability on you. Your histrionic column decrying the school board’s decision to revisit the district’s nepotism policy absolutely invited questions about Sandy’s employment. You should have seen that coming, yet you both felt “threatened … and intimidated” when Michael Heins checked her employment dates.

“Pul-eeze.” You’re a big boy, Danny, and Sandy’s no shrinking violet. Surely you both can stand a little scrutiny, especially if you’ve done nothing wrong.

As for your assertion that Mr. Heins made inquiries and sent e-mails as a means of stifling your creative writing talents — how deliciously self-important of you.

Who do you think you are? Alexander Solzhenitsyn? Do you imagine Mr. Heins is looking to toss you in the gulag for expressing dissident opinions?

Your self-righteous threat to file a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission if Heins dares to contact you again makes you appear petty, pathetic and silly.

For months, with Mr. Anthony’s blessing, you have used your column to sling accusations at the school board. The occasional valid points you address are drowned out by the condescending, vitriolic manner of expression.

You have besmirched reputations and impugned the motives and intentions of people with whom you disagree.

You have implied conspiracies to subvert law and defraud taxpayers. You have been unrelentingly negative in second guessing difficult decisions the school board and ad-ministration have faced.

You snipe from a risk-free position of comfort backed by the editor’s assurance that you speak with authority as a former school board member.

The trouble with touting your experience, Dan, is that too many of us can still hear the echo of calliope music which accompanied the circus-act board meetings of those bad ol’ days.

The boards you served on were a back-biting, shoot-from-the-hip embarrassment to the community.

Board members routinely conducted verbal food fights via the local press — the Call being their favorite and most cooperative messenger. I once pegged you as a reluctant passenger in the clown car. Your columns and comments in the Call have led me to wonder if you weren’t more of a ringmaster.

Patricia Stevenson


Editor’s note: During the Proposition P election campaign, Mr. Fowler served as chairman of Citizens to Protect Our Invest-ment, the citizens’ committee working for the passage of the ballot measure in the Nov. 7, 2000, election. In a letter to the editor published in the Sept. 14, 2000, issue of the Call, Mrs. Stevenson wrote: “… Finally, can we lay off the personal attacks on Dan Fowler? While I have disagreed with him on several occasions, he certainly deserves credit for countless hours of unpaid service to this community both as a school board member and a parent volunteer.”