Amighetti graduates from training academy

Louis G. Amighetti Jr., son of Rose and Louis Amighetti Sr. of Oakville, recently graduated from the Missouri State Water Patrol Training Academy.

Amighetti received a commission as a Water Patrol officer for the successful completion of this phase of training, a news release stated.

After being commissioned, Amighetti then entered the second phase of Water Patrol training and was assigned to a field training officer.

Field training officers are responsible for giving new officers the practical “hands-on” training they will need to perform their duties once they start working their assigned areas.

After 90 days, Amighetti will be released from field training to full duty.

As a Water Patrol officer, Amighetti will assume responsibility for protecting the public, enforcing all state laws and all watercraft laws while patrolling the Mississippi River in the Alton Pool.

Amighetti graduated from Oakville Senior High School, according to the release.

He furthered his education and attended Southwest Missouri State University before applying for employment with the State Water Patrol.

In 2003, he successfully completed the selection process for the Missouri State Water Patrol and was offered an appointment as a Water Patrol officer.