American history class disappoints, offends

To the editor:

Students and parents beware.

Our daughter signed up for an American history class at the local community college and upon purchasing the books and examining them was surprised at the content.

We had an appointment with the professor who admitted to a bias, and were told many comments that would be offensive to both Catholics and Protestants alike. 

We asked for a recommendation of a course/professor who could teach in a non-offensive way and were given none. We were told our daughter should go to a Christian college.

Does tolerance apply to everything but Christianity? Christianity cannot be taught, but it can be bashed — what’s this?

Speaking out against this is the only way to make changes and I encourage others to do the same. 

And until changes are made, I recommend doing a little homework prior to enrollment — course descriptions are so vague you cannot make a determination from them— on the books and professors/teachers educating our children so they aren’t as disappointed and offended as our daughter was.

Pat Level