Ameren plant provides good, affordable energy, Oakville reader says

To the editor:

In response to the recent objections to our local Ameren plant, which has provided us with good and affordable energy for many years, I would like to voice points of dissent.

First, whose idea was it to build a school so close to the Ameren plant? It wasn’t the citizens out here. I’m guessing it was the Planning Commission, whose decisions do not reflect the wishes of this area very often, if at all.

Second, where will our energy come from? The only wind we have here is the hot air coming from Clean Land, Air and Water and the Sierra Club.

How much will it cost us to heat our homes? Should I stock up on firewood? Solar is not going to cut it in this climate.

Third, who bought stock in Kansas City Power & Light? That would be an interesting study. I have lived in Oakville for 30-plus years. I live less than a mile from the power plant. What deadly pollution has been ravaging our environment?

Let’s see some proof, please. And let’s make sure we have a good cheap source of energy before we kill the goose that’s been providing the golden egg, our Ameren plant.

For the 225 people who signed a petition: I would strongly suggest you see some actual facts about our environment before marching on the Ameren plant. I have seen no scientific facts that our water or air has been polluted.

I do, however, read about the thousands of migratory birds that are killed each year by wind machines. Wind machines and solar cannot provide the energy we need at this time.

Somebody please use some common sense and stop marching to the beat of some liberal ideological drum. We need some sensible decisions that will lead us forth in a prudent and workable plan.

We do not need fear-mongering, hot-headed environmentalists with no factual information and a lot of hysterics.