Alumni Choir combines musical talent, memories

The Mehlville School District’s Community Education Department is expanding its class offerings to better serve its community, and at least 97 district alumni are singing its praises.

One of the newest classes offered through Community Education is an Alumni Choir led by Mehlville High School and Oakville High School choral directors Angie Hendrick and Paula Martin, respectively. Ninety-seven graduates of the two high schools have signed up for the 16-week class, representing choral classes from the past two decades.

“They all loved to sing with Paula and I when they were in high school,” Hendrick stated in a district news release. “After they graduated, many would talk to us about how much they missed it. They told us we should have a community choir so they could sing with us again.”

Martin and Hendrick decided to grant the wish of their alumni by creating a community choir through the Mehlville Community Education Department.

The vocal talents from both high schools converge at the Oakville High School Choir Room Monday nights, where Hendrick and Martin lead their former students in choral music from several time periods and genres.

“The response has been amazing and very gratifying,” Martin stated. “The best part is rediscovering their favorite pieces, laughing about old memories, working with adult voices, and not having to write any passes, count tardies or keep attendance. We can just make music.”

To inform MHS and OHS alumni about the development of the community choir, Martin and Hendrick utilized social media, made announcements at their fall choir concerts and spread the message using word-of-mouth.

“By combining both OHS and MHS alumni together, it truly is a community choir,” Hendrick stated. “It is so much fun to hear them sing again with each other, and just as much fun to direct all of them again. Paula and I are not even tired at all afterwards — even after teaching all day. They rejuvenate us.”

The Alumni Choir’s 16 weeks of rehearsals will culminate with a concert for their families and the entire community in May.

For more information about joining the Alumni Choir, visit the Community Education’s webpage on the district’s website at