All students should not go to public schools; family and God are first


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Mr. Michael Nolan’s letter of Jan. 24 extolling the virtues of having “all the students go(ing) to public schools” is lame at best. First, what resources are to be “focused” on those public schools.

Parents of private-school students pay as much or more taxes than many public-school parents, yet get no tax credit, deduction or voucher to offset them. They pay their share toward public education and still pay tuition, fees and book expenses above that for private/parochial education.

He seems to insult those parents as being selfish for putting their own children first. He advocates parents ceding their God-given right to make family/child decisions in favor of equalizing society, which is socialism. Society would be better served the other way — by empowering as many as possible to send their kids to private/parochial schools where they can be educated and taught better moral values and choices, and a respect for our constitutionally founded republic.

God gave me a family. They come first, then society will be better off.

Mark Crombie