Aldermen’s rejection of Fresh Thyme leaves reader in ‘total shock’

To the editor:

I attended the Nov. 16 Green Park Board of Aldermen meeting and left in total shock.

Aldermen voted 4-2 to again reject a proposed Fresh Thyme Farmers Market store.

The alderwoman from Ward 1 who voted against it sat with her cellphone out in front of her, checking it every so often.

I guess that was more important than Fresh Thyme representatives talking because she says she went to one of their stores and it is going to bring more people here than they think.

Oh gosh, that is terrible for Green Park’s businesses and tax revenue.

Another alderman who voted against it asked why can’t this be the smaller size of Kirkwood’s store? If he was actually listening earlier, they had said due to the way the property lies, this is what they have to do.

So one wants it bigger for the amount of people and another one wants it smaller.

But in the end, they voted nay, so I guess it wasn’t important to give it their full attention.

I can’t comprehend that the aldermen and alderwoman who voted against Fresh Thyme are representing Green Park to its fullest.

They also stated their sales were about $12 million a year, and about 85 percent of the sales tax would go to Green Park.

I’m sure the citizens would appreciate the revenue to improve Green Park, but I guess the four aldermen and alderwoman who voted against it don’t want the revenue, jobs and improvements for the city of Green Park.