Alderman Miguel urges Crestwood voters to approve city’s Proposition S

To the editor:

A year ago, Crestwood’s voters, by an overwhelming 57.4 percent, said no to Prop 1, the 10-year, 30-cent per $100 assessed valuation property tax that would have authorized a $6 million bond issue.

The tax failed because it was excessive and opened the door to further spending. It was not the right tax and the citizens of Crestwood wisely voted it down. In contrast, this year’s Prop S proposal is a seven-year, 20-cent property tax that will yield about $3.5 million. While it will not solve all the city’s financial problems, it is targeted to resolve the city’s short-term debt problem and eliminate the need for a line of credit.

While I opposed Prop 1 a year ago, I support Prop S this year because the city has made good financial progress under Mayor Roy Robinson. Among other things, the unaffordable City Hall/police building reconstruction has been stopped and a new city administrator has been hired. An open and accountable administration is in place. Yet we still face a $2 million short-term debt, a $1.5 million line of credit and a bank holding our City Hall as collateral. Prop S is a good solution to the problem, provided the funds are managed wisely.

On April 4, you will vote for an alderman to help manage the city’s finances, including the funds from Prop S, should it pass.

Crestwood’s board needs aldermen with financial knowledge, experience and an aversion to wasteful spending, along with a willingness to work together to return the city to financial health.

I encourage you to examine the record of each candidate in your ward. What did each do in the past year or two to merit your vote? Talk to each one and ask tough questions. Evaluate the answers so you can make an informed decision. Your informed vote is key to getting Crestwood back on track and ensuring that your tax dollars are managed wisely.

Jerry Miguel

Crestwood Ward 3 alderman