Agrees with Milligan’’s idea for transfer station

To the editor:

I wanted to write and congratulate Bill Milligan for a new and unique idea for the location of the solid-waste transfer station.

I had always thought that the old abandoned rest area on Interstate 255 near Jef-ferson Barracks would have been better than the locations Fred Weber was proposing, but Mr. Milligan’s proposal makes more sense.

I did notice a slight error in some of the data he listed near the end of his article. He said that Buzz Westfall said a proposed casino would be 14,000 feet from the nearest home and that is 200 feet further than the waste station would be from the nearest house.

I have to disagree with his numbers.

I do not know what Mr. Westfall said about the distance from the casino to a house, but I have the data for the waste transfer station.

According to a map prepared by Genesis Solid Waste Group and submitted by F.W. Disposal with its application to the health department, the nearest residence shown is approximately 400 feet from the transfer station.

The nearest subdivision begins at 850 feet from the transfer station, and there are over 60 residences — from three different subdivisions — listed within 1,320 feet.

Bob Beckmann