Agrees with residents who favor consideration of city-county merger


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
As a resident of Sunset Hills, I agree with the letter writers who favor a consideration of a city-county merger.
A merger does not mean a takeover by the city. Possibilities are still being studied, but there are plenty of options for an arrangement that would benefit both the county and the city.
Our region benefits from the many cultural offerings in the city and suffers from the negative image of St. Louis. We should strive for an arrangement that will improve our region’s image and standings while improving the safety and attractiveness of our city institutions and riverfront.
Issuing a resolution stating opposition to any unification possibility simply slams the door on further discussion.
I acknowledge all the benefits and advantages delineated in the Sunset Hills resolution about our beloved city, but issuing a resolution at this time was unnecessary and smug.
Anne Jesse
Sunset Hills