After reading letter, reader wonders, ‘What is this world coming to?’

To the editor:

After reading Michael Nolan’s letter for the second time, I couldn’t believe my lying eyes.

What is this world coming to? I have to admit that I do enjoy that type of letter. It causes me to open my mental Rolodex and ponder the thought of how many other silly mind-boggling ideas are out there.

Let me guess how many folks will be marching to the Crestwood police station with gun in hand. I would imagine the answer will be zero. He does have a great idea and I would go along with it with one stipulation. I will have to be provided with 24/7 protection by our local police agency. That would mean one guard for each citizen — probably not going to happen.

I guess Mr. Nolan won’t be getting a Christmas present from me. In fact, I might buy a present for myself, and that would be another form of protection, and not the kind that is kept in one’s wallet. After reading stories like that, the next thing they’ll be telling us is that are no more strip joints on the East Side.