After prompt action, resident praises efficient workers at Green Park City Hall

The lights at Green Park Road and Highway 21 have been acting up whenever the temperature drops below freezing for perhaps two years.

The Green Park Road light stayed red — sometimes stuck at red and yellow — while the other three directions went through normal cycles. One would either have to suffer through a very long wait — sometimes as long as 25 to 30 minutes, or take a detour via Mueller Road, Lindbergh and Tesson Ferry.

Recently, after getting stuck once more and arriving late to work, I called Wanda at Green Park City Hall and she called the Missouri Department of Transportation right away to get someone out to fix it. The same day all was fixed. Thanks so much, Wanda. It is fabulous to be able to count on the lights working correctly again.

With all the complaining nowadays, people tend to forget that we do have some very efficient workers at Green Park City Hall.

Paula Rosmanitz

Green Park