After examining the numbers, reader convinced Prop L deserves ‘yes’ vote

To the editor:

I’d like to respond to Mark Flanagan’s letter from last week’s Call.

While his assessed property values have increased over the years, the same cannot be said for every home and business in the district. Take Crestwood mall, for example.

The assessed value for that property has decreased by about $23 million over the last 10 years. That’s a huge financial impact on the district. The district’s books are open for all to see; they are hiding nothing.

Now is not the time to express criticism by voting “no” on Prop L; the time for that is at the district board meetings where there is ample opportunity for residents to ex-press opinions on financial issues that impact the district.

Lindbergh’s board has consistently respected the financial interests of taxpayers and that alone makes it stand out among public entities who depend on taxpayer revenue to survive. Please look at the numbers for yourself; they’re easily accessed on the district’s website. I hope after reviewing the information you will be just as convinced as I am that the district needs and deserves your “yes” vote on Prop L.

Angie Ellmo