After behavior, comments, how does Trump still have supporters?


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I find it hard to believe that Trump still has some supporters, even after his revolting behavior.

He’s bragged about groping female genitalia.

He has overturned almost all the laws protecting our environment.

This is going to affect the health of all of us, especially future generations.

He’s separated children from their parents, not caring about the physical and emotional damage this has created.

He’s a pathological liar.

He encourages racism.

He ridicules people with handicaps.

I thought we were supposed to accept immigrants seeking asylum, as we did with Cubans and Bosnians. Why are we now unwelcoming immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America?

And finally, he shut down the government.

When are we going to say “enough”?

Rosemarie Garcia