Affton resident laments high taxes, asks voters to elect a Republican


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

Affton residents, homeowners, businesses and car owners now pay the highest taxes in Missouri. Your taxes on a $200,000 home and $20,000 car are approximately $1,000 higher than the same valued home or car in Sunset Hills or Crestwood or Mehlville. Owning two cars makes it worse.

I blame the three Democrats who are supposed to represent Affton residents. These three Democrats, including Beck-Sifton — Rep. Doug Beck and Sen. Scott Sifton — and Rep. Bob Burns, do not represent all the people. They only represent unionized workers. They are longtime union labor members. That is bad representation for a heavily non-union Affton community.

They do nothing to reduce your real-estate and automobile taxes and income taxes.

As a matter of insult, all three of Affton’s representatives voted “no” to giving a tax decrease to every Affton resident and business owner. The Republicans voted “yes,” and you now all have another tax decrease.

Thanks to the Republican Party. Voting Republican is your way to say thanks.

Beck-Sifton and Burns voted no to reduce your taxes. Their party, Democrats, voted against giving major federal tax decreases to every Affton resident. They voted against reducing taxes of every small business located in Affton. It is the Republican Party who gave Affton’s businesses the opportunity and tax decrease money to start improving Gravois corridor.

Ninety percent of Affton’s residents do not belong to any labor groups.

Yet all three Democrats who claim to be representing you all have an allegiance to labor unions only. They are members of the labor unions.

Their interests in voting for higher taxes is endless. It’s time for the voters of Affton to stop this nonsense in your representatives.

We all must vote at least one Republican representing our Affton district. If you don’t, Affton will soon reach the highest taxation levels in the country. Vote against Doug Beck and Sifton. Senior citizens must rise and vote these so-called state representatives out of office in November.

Their party represents more crime, more taxes and less security for our country. The Democratic Party will steal Medicare funds if they get back into power. That is how they give free schools, free anything else.

Seniors better wake up. Your vote controls Affton results. Republicans will reduce your taxes and the cost of buying products in patronizing your local businesses.

Vote Republican and eventually save $1,000 in annual taxes.

Peter Russo

Editor’s note: Sen. Scott Sifton, D-Affton, is not on the ballot on Nov. 6. He was re-elected to a four-year term in November 2016.

Beck is on the ballot against Republican Bill Heisse, and Burns is unopposed for re-election.