A vote for Stenger ‘is the intelligent vote,’ Oakville resident writes

To the editor:

We have been residents of Oakville for 47 years.

We are primarily Republican voters. We vote for the issues and/or the values of the candidates. If in doubt, the Republican gets the nod, since he or she is usually right on.

In the upcoming county executive race, there is only one choice — Steve Stenger. He is young and energetic and the new blood we need in county government. To put him with County Executive Charlie Dooley is a joke.

His primary race disclosed all of the county’s failures created by the present county executive and staff. The County Council, both Democrats and Republicans, fought that staff as best they could.

Steve has crossed the aisle many times, as previously noted by the Call. He will continue to do so for our benefit. The day after he takes office, the cleansing will begin. He and the council cannot be fooled. They will be working hand in hand to give us the new start that we need.

A total newcomer would flop around for months trying to find the skeletons and dirt under the carpet. A vote for Steve is the intelligent vote.

Mr. (Rick) Stream comes across as old-time politics. It is commonly known that he has accepted $100,000 from the main proponent of the city-county merger.

Since Steve Stenger is a south countian and has served us well in the past, I’m sure south county will be getting all the attention that we’ve never had before.