A new year is a chance to reach your goals, dreams


Carl Hendrickson

Healthy Living
By Carl Hendrickson

A New Year!

Where did 2019 go?

On New Year’s Day I celebrated my 83rd birthday.

Eighty-three is an age I did not envision as a young man. Middle age is long behind me.

I practiced law for 30 years and then spent eight years in the Missouri House of Representatives. My children are now grown and have children of their own.

There is the discovery, with a jolt, that I am not immortal. Perhaps my entire purpose for existing is now irrelevant.

Being old can be a burden. The task each senior citizen faces is to realize that age is just a number.

You can still step outside your comfort zone and pursue your dreams.

At the age of 70 I took a gigantic step: Seated in a single-engine airplane flying above the Nevada desert, the door is flung open and I put one foot on the wheel strut.

The signal is given. I duck my head to clear the wing and fall forward from the airplane, freefalling toward Mother Earth.

Skydiving was one of my dreams, but it took me until the age of 70 to step outside my comfort zone and embark on that adventure.

Jumping out of a plane may not be on your bucket list, but I am sure there are tasks you would want to undertake if you could only bury your fear and step outside your comfort zone.

You have a brand new year in 2020.

Make it your resolution to step outside your comfort zone and complete just one item on your dream list.

As Neale Donald Walsch, author of the acclaimed spiritual book series Conversations With God reminds us, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

When you are willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, you can change and real growth can take place.

Stepping outside the comfort zone and pushing your boundaries will result in increased self-confidence.

Once you have that, risks begin to look like adventures and obstacles begin to look like opportunities.

This year, get out of the routine you have fallen into and push yourself to expand your horizons.

Make it your resolution to accomplish at least one item on your wish list.

I wish each reader growth and much success in making a dream a reality.

May you all have a wonderful year filled with many blessings.