A Father’s Day poem: ‘Remembering My Dad’

Crestwood resident Sandra L. Grave wrote this poem in memory of her late father.


“Remembering My Dad”

By Sandra L. Grave


In the windows of my mind,

Clear images I find,

Of a mighty man who took my hand,

T’was once upon a time.

He led me through the garden of life,

Guardian of all my fears,

And with the gentleness of his hands,

He brushed away my tears.

Now, the hour glass is empty,

God has stepped from his mighty throne,

And taken the hand of this gentle man,

Leaving me all alone.

Oh God I will not question,

Your wisdom or your way,

I just wish that I could see him,

If only for one more day.

But I will see him, on the other side,

When God calls me to stand in line,

And then my dad, will take my hand,

Again – and for the last time. I miss you Dad!