Lindbergh resident ‘disheartened’ by district’s position on test taking


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In a Feb. 28 Concord Call article pertaining to Lindbergh Schools, it was disheartening to read their new outlook of finding tests irrelevant and unimportant.

Hopefully universities and colleges are on board with this philosophy, as it seems most of them are usually very selective pertaining to how students are placed overall in their class, plus how they perform on the ACT and other entrance evaluating tests.

It’s nice to be a socially connected person and have studied various subjects, but what did you actually learn and much more important, retain?

This proposed reduction of testing presents again another example of, “If we can’t attain the desired goal, let’s just move the goal post.”

However, on the positive side, it would educate a new generation of news reporters that if they didn’t like the facts, change them.

Did I relish tests in school? No, but it was always because I had usually not spent sufficient time to study the subject matter or did not retain it. On the times that I did, the tests were a breeze. It is incomprehensible how you evaluate a student’s knowledge without some sort of testing, be it written, oral or hands-on. Well, good luck, and we’ll see how it goes when they arrive at the tests of the real world after school.

Kenneth W. House