For 2018, ask Rep. Wagner to act on climate change, reader urges


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Sadly, 2017 was another tragic year for flooding along the Meramec River locally last May.
This flood happened less than 15 months after the record-breaking flood along the Meramec River around New Year’s Day 2016. Scientists tell us climate change causes more severe weather. It puts our weather on steroids with wetter rains, stormier storms and drier droughts.
To lessen future damage for our South St. Louis County area, we must act now. The best solution: Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s carbon fee and dividend. Put a fee on carbon pollution at the source: the coal mine, oil well and United States border, and return the money to American households with monthly dividend checks.
Last month, I enjoyed meeting with U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner’s staff to discuss climate change. Her staff told me she would consider acting on climate change if they heard from her constituents.
Make that your goal for 2018.
Call Rep. Wagner’s Ballwin office at (636) 779-5449. Ask Rep. Wagner to join the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus, now up to 62 members, 31 Democrats and 31 Republicans, working across the aisle on climate solutions.
Brian Ettling
south county