‘Greatest Generation’ guests of honor at Buerkle Senior Prom

The generation gap was non-existent as young men and women in their early teens recently danced the night away with guests four to five times their age.

The occasion was the Margaret Buerkle Middle School Senior Prom, organized recently by the school’s Student Council.

This annual event brings teens and senior citizens together for a night of fun, food and dancing, according to a news release issued by the Mehlville School District.

More than 100 senior citizens put on their “Sunday Best” to enjoy a night out with their new young friends at Margaret Buerkle Middle School.

The pupils prepared dinner and desserts for their guests, secured numerous attendance prizes, decorated the cafeteria and hired a disc jockey to provide the musical entertainment.

From Big Band to Hip Hop, the seniors and teens took to the dance floor together to share a night none will ever forget.

As the evening came to a close, two special presentations took place. Retiring Principal Jerry Langsdorf was surprised with a farewell gift of “home-baked” cakes by his pupils.

And in Senior Prom tradition, a king queen were crowned. Selected by random drawing were King Leonard Frost and Queen June Edwards.